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Here's where we've been so far

  • FM21 Season 1: Argentina (River, Boca)
  • FM21 Season 2: English Championship (Leicester, Wolves)
  • FM21 Season 3: English Premier League (Leicester, Wolves)
  • FM21 Season 4: Spain (Atletico, Real)
  • FM22 Season 5: Turkey (Galatasaray, Fenerbahce)
  • FM22 Season 6: Italy (AC, Inter)
  • FM22 Season 7: Scotland (Hearts, Hibs)
  • FM22 Season 8: South Africa & France (Orlando Pirates, Toulouse)
  • FM23 Season 9: Portugal (Benfica, Sporting, Porto)
  • FM23 Season 10: Germany (Augsburg, Frankfurt, Koln)
  • FM23 Season 11: English Premier League (Liverpool, Man United)

Every week we're discussing gameplans, tactics, transfers, player management, training and more, with a little comedy bronze sprinkled in for good measure. Do we think you'll like it? Ndidi we do.

You can also find more on our official website, fmfshow.com

Latest Episodes

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E145: Football Manager 2024 is out, David Ginola's hair, Ken's Liverpool meltdown and other FM stories [Live Episode]

E145: Football Manager 2024 is out, David Ginola's hair, Ken's Liverpool meltdown and other FM stories [Live Episode]In what's one of our most whirlwind episodes to da...

E144: Football Manager 2024 is *nearly* here but it's ok, Shane's cheering for "Manchester", right?

With less cans of Monster and cups of tea than in previous weeks, we're finally back in the studio and find ourselves just days away from the official release of Footb...

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